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Laundry | William Penn Cleaner - Bethlehem, PA,PA

William Penn Cleaner provides customers with top notch laundry service at very affordable prices. With their outstanding commitment to laundry...

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Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning | William Penn Cleaner - Bethlehem, PA,PA

William Penn Cleaner provides top notch dry cleaning for customers. For many years, the company has built a solid reputation through their...

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Alterations | William Penn Cleaner - Bethlehem, PA,PA

William Penn Cleaner is a clothing alteration company based in Bethlehem, PA, that is committed to providing the very best for garments.

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Welcome to William Penn Cleaner

William Penn Cleaner is a cleaning company that is based in Bethlehem, PA. Their main area of expertise is providing clothing cleaning solutions for their customers in Bethlehem and the surrounding areas. The reason behind their success is that this company is manned by environmentally conscious and knowledgeable professionals whose service is supported by the strongest certification in the industry. Customers who have chosen William Penn Cleaner cannot go wrong. This is because they have chosen a cleaning service that provides attention to detail, impeccable quality, fashion expertise and a commitment to the environment.

Customers around Bethlehem, PA, know that William Penn Cleaner is one of the few cleaners that pays a unique attention to detail. This is because each garment that is cleaned at William Penn Cleaner has every facet inspected by their highly trained cleaning experts before and after cleaning. This ensures that every garment comes back to its owner in pristine condition.

Many customers are also impressed by the company’s fashion expertise. This is because William Penn Cleaner has developed unique professional relationships with clothing retailers. It also gives them a unique advantage in identifying the best way to clean their customer’s clothes efficiently. At the same time, customers also rave about their impeccable quality.

William Penn Cleaner also provides top class laundry services at a very affordable price. They specialize in laundering bedspreads, table cloths, antique table lines, lace pillow shams, everyday clothing and more. Another service provided at William Tell Cleaner is dry cleaning. They are experts in cleaning different garments such as special wear, fine fabrics, silk, linen and velvet. At the same time, they also specialize in cleaning leather, suede and outerwear. Call right now to obtain top class garment cleaning service from William Penn Cleaner.

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