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Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning | William Penn Cleaner - Bethlehem, PA, PA

William Penn Cleaner provides top notch dry cleaning for customers. For many years, the company has built a solid reputation through their commitment to quality service by staying up to date on new cleaning technology and their high level of cleaning expertise. At William Penn Cleaner, they believe that every day is another opportunity to provide customers with top quality dry cleaning service.

Unlike other dry cleaners, William Penn Cleaner cleans all textiles using state of the art machines that preserve and enhance the original texture and color of garments. At the same time, this technology prevents lint formation and dust accumulation to create a finish like no other. Additionally, their machines reduce crease and wrinkle formation for all clothes that have been cleaned. Their machines also maintain enhanced cleaning quality and are extremely gentle on customers’ clothes. They also have the ability to revitalize lifeless and limp garments.

The technology that is utilized to dry clean customers’ clothes complies with the most rigid international standards. This is done in order to restore garments to a standard that can rival new clothes. No matter what kind of fabric their clothes are made of, customers get the best services at William Penn Cleaner.

Some of the garments that William Penn Cleaner specializes in include fine fabrics and special wear. These fabrics required special attention when they are being dry cleaned. This is done in order to maintain their luxury. At the same time, it protects their customers’ investment in various fine fabrics such as silk, velvet, linen and special apparel that includes beaded evening wear.

Other materials that are dry cleaned at William Penn Cleaner include suede, leather and outerwear. When these materials are dry cleaned, they receive expert attention from our highly trained cleaning staff. They dry clean everything from wool coats and faux fur to down filled vests, ski coats, windbreakers and raincoats. At the same time, William Penn Cleaner is also the number one dry cleaner for suede boots that includes water repellent boots. The company is also a specialized dry cleaner for fine needlework, heirlooms, wedding and christening gowns that can be cleaned, restored and preserved to ensure that their beauty remains for many years to come.

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